Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Chalet construction

It doesn't look much in the flat, but this is a strong design that should last for years.

Garden Chalet

I am working on a playhouse come chalet at the moment. Made from home grown Douglas fir, this should not need any treatment as the natural properties of the wood are excellent at preserving the timber.
The brief was a playhouse that could last long enough and be big enough for a teenagers den.
So I have made a chalet 2.9x2.4 m and high enough for adults to stand in. It will have a "upstairs "bed but this can be removed later when more space is needed.
I made the building in sections for easy installation, and pre painted the inside with white wood stain before the building was put together. The light colour should reflect the light and make the building more inviting. More to follow with pictures soon.

Monday, 29 July 2013

So what's a joiner ?

This question comes up again and again.
Basically a carpenter puts together timber using fixings such as nails and screws, where a joiner uses joints.
This higher level of skill requires exact measurement and cutting, only gained through practice and experience.
Taking this skill up a further level makes you a cabinet maker. I do make cabinets but don't call myself a cabinet maker as I feel that some people might be put off by this. Also I don't do the kind of intricate inlaying of different coloured timbers that this title suggests.
I use several types of jointing in my furniture. Some very traditional such as mortise and tenon, and some modern such as using a very strong biscuit joint. This uses a standardised "biscuit" of timber inserted in a standardised slot made by a biscuit jointer tool.
All my drawers are made with dovetail joints.

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Working from home is easy with this office. This is solid oak with the internal structures of solid pine.  4 filing drawers and a slide out laptop desk. The cupboard above gives plenty of room for storage of box files etc. Then at the end of the day you can shut it all away. Perfect for the spare bedroom.