Monday, 29 July 2013

So what's a joiner ?

This question comes up again and again.
Basically a carpenter puts together timber using fixings such as nails and screws, where a joiner uses joints.
This higher level of skill requires exact measurement and cutting, only gained through practice and experience.
Taking this skill up a further level makes you a cabinet maker. I do make cabinets but don't call myself a cabinet maker as I feel that some people might be put off by this. Also I don't do the kind of intricate inlaying of different coloured timbers that this title suggests.
I use several types of jointing in my furniture. Some very traditional such as mortise and tenon, and some modern such as using a very strong biscuit joint. This uses a standardised "biscuit" of timber inserted in a standardised slot made by a biscuit jointer tool.
All my drawers are made with dovetail joints.

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