Sunday, 11 August 2013

Book case with a painted finish

Book case with a painted finish.
The book case I am working on is near completion now. The solid softwood carcase and shelves are painted to compliment other furniture in the room.
I use a spraying system to give the best finishes to my furniture.  Sealers, primer and undercoats are sprayed. In this case I applied the top coats of eggshell finish paint, by hand with a brush.

I like to use good quality paints as I have found over the years, that the improved coverage, helps me to get the best finish. I use a zinser primer, and though this is getting on £100 a tin, it gives me a reliable base from  which  to work. This also has a quick drying time which I find very useful.

For top coats I use a good quality trade paint, or in many circumstances, Farrow and Ball. They have a lovely depth of colour and I know where I stand with them. Cheaper paints do not seem to be able to match their finish.

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