Thursday, 1 August 2013

Chalet or Playhouse

It might seem strange, but it has taken  a lot more time to put this on my blog, than it did to put it together. I had two helpers to lift the sections into position but apart from that, this chalet was up, with its metal roof on within 5 hours. The joy of sectional building.
The feather edge boarding is a lovely honey colour at the moment, but this will fade to a silver. It could be painted or wood stained, but part of the brief was to make it as easy to maintain as possible. So using the natural properties of Douglas fir seemed a sensible option, as it preserves itself. Also, there is a reduced carbon footprint as the timber is grown and processed in this country.
The base also has a "skirt". This is a membrane to help protect the base from damp. It is placed on levelled metal beams ( I have had in the shed for years...I knew they would come in useful one day).

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