Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The finished Book Case

This bookcase is made in two parts then put together
using the cornice to make it look like one.
It's finished and installed. The book case is in an bedroom. This meant carrying the whole lot upstairs. It is made in two parts which were carried up separately, then put together with the cornice as a lid that fits snugly to keep it all together tightly.

The book case is backed with tongue and groove boarding. I feel this really finishes it off well, and makes it a piece of  furniture rather than just shelves.

The shelves are on fully adjustable book case strips. So they could match on both sides, or as in the photo, be at different heights to accommodate many sizes of books.

My book cases are built to last, so hopefully the child that has it now, will grow up to adulthood with this book case along side.

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