Monday, 23 September 2013

Bespoke...what does it actually mean?

Back in the work shop.

I have described myself as a joiner making bespoke furniture for years. But recently a chance comment got me thinking. "Bespoke means expensive doesn't it"?
If you come to me for a kitchen, I will ask you, do you have any ideas? Do you want  oak,softwood, lots of cupboards, or more drawers, painted, waxed, lacquered....etc etc. Through the design process we will end up with something made for you. With your input and ideas, and my experience.
I am back in the work shop this week, making window frames. These are all different sizes, not one is the same. This means a lot of concentration when working out my cutting list as I have to make sure all the components are correct before I fit them together.
So what I am doing is making "bespoke " windows.
So what does "Bespoke"  Mean? It means made for you.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Take a seat, and remember....

I thought that I would take a look back this week, and visited a bench I made two years ago.
This was a commission for King Johns House in Romsey. This oak bench was made to compliment other benches in the garden and can still be seen there today.
 I made the components then took the relevant bits to a wood carver based in the old brewery site in Romsey to do the memorial carving. Then I assembled and finished it.
The oak, in this case, came from England and was not kiln dried as the bench was to live outside.
Two years on the bench has weathered down to a beautiful silver colour. It does not have any preservative on it, but the oak should last many years.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Nomansland Show

Last week I was at the Nomansland Country Fair. This happens every  August Bank holiday monday, and is always a fun packed afternoon.
It was great to catch up with friends and customers, old and new, its nice when people take the trouble to come over to the me and say hello.
I try and do this event every year, to remind people what I look like and to show new work and design. It also supports the Nomansland Sports Association, and the local Scouts.
There seems to be a bit more buoyancy in the atmosphere, so lets hope this horrendous recession is behind us.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Panels and Face Frames

Pine Wardrobes with panelled doors.
So how do you make a wardrobe? The answer is "in an infinite number of ways"....if you make it bespoke.
This is a 3 door version with one double width space and one single.
But it could be twice the size,  go up to the ceiling, have shoe storage shelves, have drawers inside etc etc.
The depth can be a big factor, and can make a difference to how big the room feels after the wardrobe has been fitted.
The style is important too. this wardrobe is in a cottage, but might look totally wrong in a modern apartment.
The end is panelled, to match the doors. But it could be plain. The knobs are woodern and finished the same way as the carcase. But they could be painted to add contrast, or be one of a million styles of handle available today.
It could be on legs, or with drawers along the bottom. Free standing or fitted.
The choice, at the end of the day is yours.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wardrobes this week

This week I am working on some fitted  wardrobes.
The brief is to make a 3 door pine wardrobe with   Shaker style, panelled doors.
The customer wanted some long and some short hanging space. It was to be fitted to a corner of a room.
One of the things about fitted furniture is that it can be fitted in sections. This is particularly important in an old cottage as often the stairs are narrow and cramped. I sometimes make up a dummy frame and check that it will go up the stairs before arriving with the finished article and discovering it doesn't!