Monday, 23 September 2013

Bespoke...what does it actually mean?

Back in the work shop.

I have described myself as a joiner making bespoke furniture for years. But recently a chance comment got me thinking. "Bespoke means expensive doesn't it"?
If you come to me for a kitchen, I will ask you, do you have any ideas? Do you want  oak,softwood, lots of cupboards, or more drawers, painted, waxed, lacquered....etc etc. Through the design process we will end up with something made for you. With your input and ideas, and my experience.
I am back in the work shop this week, making window frames. These are all different sizes, not one is the same. This means a lot of concentration when working out my cutting list as I have to make sure all the components are correct before I fit them together.
So what I am doing is making "bespoke " windows.
So what does "Bespoke"  Mean? It means made for you.

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