Friday, 6 September 2013

Panels and Face Frames

Pine Wardrobes with panelled doors.
So how do you make a wardrobe? The answer is "in an infinite number of ways"....if you make it bespoke.
This is a 3 door version with one double width space and one single.
But it could be twice the size,  go up to the ceiling, have shoe storage shelves, have drawers inside etc etc.
The depth can be a big factor, and can make a difference to how big the room feels after the wardrobe has been fitted.
The style is important too. this wardrobe is in a cottage, but might look totally wrong in a modern apartment.
The end is panelled, to match the doors. But it could be plain. The knobs are woodern and finished the same way as the carcase. But they could be painted to add contrast, or be one of a million styles of handle available today.
It could be on legs, or with drawers along the bottom. Free standing or fitted.
The choice, at the end of the day is yours.

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