Thursday, 17 October 2013

Time for a face lift

This unit is in for a shock!
 I have been asked a few times if an old kitchen can have a face lift. Quite often they can, but only if they are quality units. Sadly people are often sold kitchens as "solid wood veneer" and think that they are getting solid timber. But a veneer is a very thin layer of wood on top of chip board, and when this is shabby, it is time for the landfill site.
Sometimes the doors are solid timber and the cabinets and end panels are made from chipboard.
You can quite often do something with these. Cloaking the end panels with solid timber and sanding and re finishing the doors, quite often with paint. 
You can replace doors with a new style. But this depends on the quality and repair of the cabinets. If there is nowhere solid to put a hinge it can be a problem.
My kitchens are solid timber cabinets. They are lacquered inside to make a wipe clean surface. The doors can be painted waxed or finished with a lacquer. And they can be a variety of colors. 
When they are old and past their best, they can easily be sanded and refinished, to look like new again.
Watch over the next few days and see what happens to this sad old unit!

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