Friday, 14 March 2014

Drawers are just drawers

So here they are, finished and installed. These chests of drawers are oak with soft wood interior structures. The drawer configuration was asked for by the client, and I think it works really well. The drawers are deep and this can mean a temptation to overload them, but in this case the drawer inners are thick enough to take it.
I spent quite a long time selecting this timber for this job. Timber has a "figure" or pattern on it made by annual rings of the tree when it is growing. This can be affected by how it is cut, or how the tree originally grew. So selecting the timber for the job is quite important if you want to make it look a certain way. The  flamboyant figure on this piece really makes it look special.

All my drawers are made with dovetail joints. This method of joining two bits of timber at right angles is a really strong joint, that has been used for centuries. In the past it was laboriously cut by hand, but now I have a machine jig to help me, which makes it much quicker.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Back to the workshop

After a couple of weeks laying floors, I am back in the workshop this week, making chests of drawers.
Laying floors can be quite tricky and time consuming. If only every room was square! This was quite a fiddly job with lots of doorways and tight corners. But it is nice to look back on totally changed rooms.
This week the brief is for a pair of chests with three drawers on the top, two in the middle and one big one along the bottom. They are to be made of oak, with the internal structures of soft wood.
It is nice to have a client who knows exactly what they want. A collection of photos from magazines or taken on a phone. A paint sample or a piece of favorite furniture, all added together make designing much easier than an idea in someone's head that I cannot see. Sometimes it can be a bit like Chinese whispers trying to understand exactly what the client wants, and sometimes I have to do a little of what I think is right, to make it work. But it is good when you do a drawing and they say "that's it"!