Monday, 12 September 2016

Romsey Abbey 2015

Last year I had the honor or doing some work in Romsey Abbey. This spectacular structure has constantly evolved over the last 1000 years to be a working historical building with everything from professional music to school concerts and daily services of a bewildering variety. The Abbey is full of historical quirks alongside the most up to date technology. and to support all this action, is a dedicated staff of professionals and volunteers.
As with any public building there are back rooms and offices that maintain the running of the place and it was in the Vestry that I was involved.
A variety of cupboards, some of them Victorian had become impractical and past their best, so a new range of storage was needed, and an upgrade of some original cupboards. The purple paint had to go!

First comes the nasty bit, The destruction. But this is always interesting in an old building, you never know whats behind.

Now there is plenty of room for all of the surplices and ceremonial robes any clergy could want.

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