About Mike

Welcome to Mike Paton Carpentry

Technology is a challenge to me, but wood is a friend. Watch me while I try to get to grips with the 21st century!

I am a Joiner Carpenter based in a hamlet near Landford in Wiltshire. I am just off the A36 between Salisbury and Romsey.

I trained in timber importing, but realising that office work was not for me I moved on to carpentry, training to City and Guilds  (Advanced Craft).

Then I joined the University of Life, working with a timber treatment company, moving on to carpentry building decks and other structures, working my way up until I was leading the carpentry sections in multi million pound shop refits.

Life changes and I started doing private work and set up a workshop, which has developed over the years to enable me to do the sort of work I love.

So what's a Joiner?

I describe myself as a Carpenter Joiner. This is because many people find the title "Joiner" a bit confusing. Basically a Carpenter puts timber together using fixings, such as nails and screws, and a joiner constructs furniture using joints and adhesive.

I use many different jointing techniques. Some Traditional, such as mortice and tenon joints and the more complex Dovetail Joint, used on drawer fronts. Some less so, such as using a biscuit jointing system where corresponding slots are made using a "biscuit Jointing" machine and are slotted together with a "biscuit" of timber. This is a very strong stable joint. 


  1. We've used Mike for a number of jobs and would thoroughly recommend him. It's great to have furniture and fittings that look as if they were included when the house was built and will still be there in another 100 years!

    1. Thanks Nick. Its a pleasure working for you.

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