Architectural features and floors

Finishing touches

When you have a worn out unique oak door, you can't get a new one off the shelf. In this case the farmhouse is 17c and the door needed to keep the listing people happy. I copied the old door faithfully, with the advantage, to the owners, of making it fit a new frame, so no more drafts. 

The rose head nails, strap hinges and lead framed window were made by craftsmen and completed a historically accurate look.  

The door is the fresh colour of recently cut and sanded oak. Wait 10 years and, if left untreated, it will be the lovely silver of the shutters below.

The design on this shutter was chosen by the client, from a selection that I collected together.

Ugly radiator in a hallway? Hidden away in a fully fitted unit, the oak compliments the floor and doors, but this could be painted with different styles of grill.

This frame for a porch is made of Douglas fir. This is a brilliant building material for this country. Not only is is grown here, but it is very resistant to our climate, which saves on preservative. Over time, if it was left alone, it would go an attractive silver grey. In this case it is to be painted with a white wood treatment. This is much easier to paint over than normal paint, making it easier to maintain.

The weather was lovely so I assembled the components outside on site. If only it was always like this!

Changing levels inside always requires a bespoke input. You can't get standard steps for most jobs like this. So why not use a statement step? In solid oak these steps link two oak floors and with extra thick treads look amazing. 

These steps leading up to an external door look stunning against the old structure of a barn conversion.

Laminate floors can have a bit of a bad press, but a good quality floor like this looks amazing and serves faithfully for many years.

This ecclesiastical safe looked pretty horrid and drew unnecessary attention. 

Now it is just a cupboard?

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