Cupboards and Chests

Cupboards large and small

Storage is essential. Whether you need to hide some toys, the boiler, electricity meter or keep your keys in order, I can make something to suit.

How about a good old fashioned larder, with lots of room and adjustable shelves for all your foods and spices?

This green cupboard looks plain and simple, but when you need to keep 40 sets of keys in order, its essential.

Need somewhere to store your cosmetics and medicines? No need to make it boring and utilitarian.Why not have something beautiful.

Contemporary storage

Homes need to to be able to suit your lifestyle. Storage becomes an inevitable necessity, and this is where a bespoke service is essential. Houses that have been extended often have 'interesting' corners. These can be a challenge to redesign in a useful way.

A problem space in a modern extended house.

This strange shaped corner has been tidied up, making the space useful and the room feel bigger and more ordered. The skirting board has been continued along the front of the cupboard to make it look as though its always been there. The painted finish has natural wood knobs which helps it to link in with the skirting and other room features. 

Internal drawers make the finished storage more of an individual solution for the owner. This could have been hanging space, shelves or fitted to a particular large item. A bespoke service.

This floor to ceiling unit fills in an awkward gap giving valuable storage space to a modern home.

Lots of shelves, on fully adjustable book case strips, will take the whole family's shoes and sports gear.

This unit provides loads of storage and room for the dogs beds! The deep cupboard in the corner is a useful coat rack.

A corner cupboard and floating shelves fit in a difficult corner next to a large chimney. This is fitted, but it could be free standing or added to a range of units to make more storage, or create a wardrobe.

An oak dresser with glass doors, The glass is toughened for safety. Three small drawers break up the cupboards and are good for storing those little things that need a home. 

A fitted cupboard in a small Victorian terrace. Fills in a space next to a chimney breast.

A blanket box can be made to match the furniture in the room already. In this case it was a modern oak bedroom.

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