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Shelving adds structure to a room. Whether it is to make a statement, display treasured items, keep books in good condition, or simply to get things off the floor, its important to get it right.

Book shelves that sag are a particular bug bear, and this can be even more annoying if the whole unit doesn't fit in the space. 

Storage also needs to be flexible. If the shelves are within a unit or frame, all our shelves are on fully adjustable book case strips. This means that they can be adjusted to fit around your books or other storage equipment with no wasted space.

This small cupboard was a pleasure to make out of solid oak. The 'floating' shelves were a challenge to fit to the sloping chimney breast. They make a good display area though. 

Open oak shelves in this barn conversion, really add height and structure to this corner. fitting around the interior barn features, they add a modern twist to a very traditional room. I also did the oak steps up to the door.

This soft wood fitted book case makes the most of the space available. The shelves are fully adjustable, perfect for a bedroom study upstairs. 

Nasty looking hot water tank? No problem. Floor to ceiling storage, with large airing cupboard shelves. All removable in case access is needed in the future. 

This painted hanging area has shelves for hats,shoes, bags etc and even a bench so you can sit to put your shoes on. A great use of space in a small hallway. The shelves and bench are solid oak and left a natural oak colour. This is a trend that we are seeing frequently at the moment.

The shoe rack below might look simple, but it is fitted around a radiator, skirting boards and a light switch. Just to add to the fun, the wall by the door was not at all straight. Some jobs are not all they seem.

What about a free standing unit? This dresser has fully adjustable shelving and looks very up to date with a Farrow and Ball paint finish.

A room divider makes an unused dark corner a useful "loft" space.

The options are endless. The client chose shelving, but this could also have been a wardrobe or cupboards. The door allows easy access, no more getting your cases through the loft hatch!

This softwood book case makes full use of a chimney breast alcove. The shelves are fully adjustable and the unit is divided into two sections so the shelves do not sag. The client painted these later to match the other features in the room .

A painted pine unit. This is in a child's room and is fitted and secured to the wall for  safety.


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